How to Wear your ibu

In East India, women layer their old cotton saris and other orphaned patches of cloth six deep, and then sew a running stitch through the layers in rows that looks like your grandmother’s quilt.  Only slimmer.  More like something you want to wear, rather than take to bed.  The perfect (recycled) comfort cloth.

This is how I receive them from India. Then, here in the illoominata studio, ibu clothier and professional seamstress, Jamie Buskey, takes comfy into chic. We fashion jackets that go from evening parties to oyster roasts to the perfect travel wrap.

And shorter ones for the grocery run, which is better than gym clothes: instantly, easily fabulous.

And swing vests for when you are just having fun and want a little wrap, not too much.  
And then you realize you cannot live without the cell phone pocket on the inside and the glasses pocket on the outside.

And for the young at heart, our sweetheart of the collection: the bolero. For absolutely nothing but flavor.

We even dreamed up an Indigo Collection for those who want the chic without all the flash. Subtle chic:

ibu jackets and vests:  each utterly one of a kind.
Be an ibu.
Be an original.
Wear the Change.

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