Bangladesh Indigo Layered Scarf


Environmentally sustainable, handmade, empowering women, and utterly gorgeous! How often can you say all that about a scarf? 

These one of a kind Living Blue scarves come to us from Bangladesh, where women artisans use a running hand-stitch to quilt richly dyed indigo silk saris or ‘khetas.’ Almost every woman in Bangladesh knows how to create khetas, and when a new baby comes into the world they are wrapped in this luscious material, keeping them warm and happy for months to come.

Yet, Living Blue’s artisans take it a step further and fuse the best of 2 cultural traditions by applying Japanese style shibori resist techniques to the Bangladeshi indigo dye process. The result is the incomparable and exquisite ‘mokume’ or wood-grain pattern that makes this scarf a work of art, and gives the illusion of rippling waves, further accentuated by the running stitch. There is so much to see and appreciate in this piece, come by to dive into the deep sea of this luxurious find!

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Made in Bangladesh

100% silk

85" L x 23" W