Chikan Tunic


White hot nights in summer.  Cool as a breeze and a song.  The perfect tunic to wear with everything, everywhere, and always know something very special is floating on your skin.  The chikan embroidery of Lucknow, India, is legendary, and for a reason.  Exquisite hand-embroidery - gorgeous and fresh.  Making you feel fresh, too.  

Wear it with pride.  The beauty is subtle, but sensational.    Bordered 100% cotton tunic dense with garden boteh. Or paisley, as it came to be known.  Ali’s perfect blouse.

Made in India.



Size S
Sleeve: 19 1/2"
L: 21 1/2"
H: 30"

Size M
Sleeve L: 22 1/4"
L: 23"
H: 31 1/4"