City on My Back Cape and Zemi Dress

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City on My Back Cape

A stunning vintage cape from China is appliquéd in striking detail - the designs suggestive of the cities left behind, the ramparts and rivers crossed, as this ethnic group was driven from its home. The detail is beautiful, full of memory. 

We’ve lined this entire piece in a smart patchwork of charcoal and white stripes that flips beautifully at the collar, and secured it with brass fasteners.

Zemi dress

Rare vintage skirts from Nagaland are sewn together to form this slim waisted dress. Double border at the hem, stunning white woven stripe down the front and back center. Fine, soft cotton; exceptional weaving. Strong, smart, sexy.

Read here to find out more about the women artisans in Nagaland and all of their talent.

Size 0/XS
34" L, 14" W