• Moroccan Round Head Dress Charm Earrings

Moroccan Round Head Dress Charm Earrings

Moroccan round headdress charm earrings. Studded silver discs delicately dangle heavily etched silver charms filled with a blooming star flower design.  These are sure to be conversation starters, so put them on and let's start talking… 

Jewels, the Founder of the eponymous, Marrakech-based business scours market souks all over North Africa and Asia to source her rare antique amulets, tools, coins, artifacts, talismans, and trade objects. Blending multicultural design aesthetics she’s studied in her extensive travels, Jewels breaths new life into these exotic market treasures by weaving them with natural elements - shells, semi-precious stones, amber, coral, turquoise, and gold. Hence, each piece is extremely rare and carries an imprint of the past. International fashion mavens and art collectors alike extensively collect Jewels' works and now these global treasures have a new home at ibu. Start building your collection now or discover that memorable gift you’ve been seeking!

Made in Morocco from vintage materials

Silver, bronze

2.5" drop, 1.75" diameter