• Ubava Necklace

Ubava Necklace

Ubava is a Serbian name that means “beautiful, gorgeous, delightful”. Three Berber enamel cross pendants, also known as the Southern Cross, are the focal point of this Necklace. The blue, green, and yellow enamel finish is a technique that the Kabyle smiths of northern Algeria specialize in and their craftsmanship is unsurpassed in the Maghreb. Translucent glass beads in beautiful shades of cobalt blue, golden yellow and forest green give this necklace a vibrant yet chic charm. These recycled glass beads are made in Krobo, in the eastern region of Ghana. The round Bali silver spacers and ornate Tibetan silver beads add a rich sparkle that complements the Berber cross pendants beautifully.

Protective packaging and a beautiful handmade banana leaf jewelry box lined with Maasai shuka and Kenya kanga fabric is included, as well as a personally signed card by Shikha with the story behind this piece.

The components are personally sourced by Shikha during her travels around the world and this statement necklace is assembled in her studio. 

10" Drop
1.5" Pendant