Madeline Weinrib Tea Towels

We are delighted to offer these handspun cotton towels designed by one of our favorite style icons, Madeline Weinrib, and hand-embroidered by women in Afghanistan.  Madeline wanted to design a product to help these widows of war generate income without compromising on design and style.  Our intent, exactly!

So, we happily offer these towels for the guest bath or the kitchen, or to set a small table - decorative and functional.  A beautiful simplicity.  A life in repair. 

Offered with a choice of blue or black embroidery on white handspun cotton, with hand-knotted fringe.

Sold Individually


Length: 35"
Width: 17"
Width of Embroidery: 4 1/2"
Tassels: 1 1/2"