Bali Skirt, Black

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In the very old tradition of batik, these skirts give an Indonesian swirl to your summer.  

The most convenient (and flattering) tie design allows you to tie it high on the waist or low on the hips, like a sarong, only without the constant fear of finding said sarong down around your ankles.  It's secure.  It forgives the pound or two that vacation brings, always accomodating the day's size, whatever it is.  Nice skirt. I've taken the design from a skirt I found years ago and continue to love every summer.  It flips and flairs and is easy to wear.

100% cotton, newly printed.  The facing at the waist (which shows in your chic tie) is a lovely detail - it is made from old batik full of golden patina and love.  

One size fits sizes 4-10.  



Length: 27

Untied Tie Length: 12"