• Big Flower Miao Cape and Ethiopian Headwrap

Big Flower Miao Cape and Ethiopian Headwrap

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Big Flower Miao Cape

A rare, vintage cape from the Big Flower Miao of China, this hand-spun and woven shawl is made of natural flax and hemp thread with naturally dyed wool in the design.

The ibu studio has shaped it with under-arm closure, added finishing around the edges, and a facing down the front from the Shipu of South America - a free-hand drawing of the map of the universe. Together, these two diverse and ancient designs take on a strong modern sensibility and create a bold statement over black. Also handsomely styled in our video over a charcoal/white striped collar shirt and black leather pants.

One size will fit all - loose drape, easy flattering fit. This is a true museum-quality treasure, made stunning as a versatile wrap or a statement on your wall.


Ethiopian Headwrap