Ewe Skirt with Mola Top and Headwrap

Ewe Skirt - XSmall

Finest quality rare Ewe strip weaving in a spectacular tea-length skirt. Tule creates the pouf, and underlay of contrasting strip-weaving creates color and petticoat charm. Belted at the waist for a glamorous cinched look. Absolutely rare and one-of-a-kind materials, an ibu studio design and creation.

Mola Top - XSmall

Vintage applique from Panama, a mola, becomes the base for this fitted top, Vibrant and full of color, the cloth is collectible, and now, in this iteration, wearable, too. Boning adds shape and form. Hooks at the side with tassel finish off the one of a kind oh so enviable look!

Read more about the elaborate tradition of molas. 


Aso Oke Headwrap 

From Nigeria, this royal green and black cloth is perfect for a statement headwrap.


Fits a size 00-0 comfortably. 



Mola Top: 

Bust: 15"
Center Front: 6"