Gujarati Dress, Necklace, and Shawl

Gujarati Dress - XSmall

From another life. Another way of being gorgeous under the bright desert sun. Mika and mirrors flashing away evil spirits, dazzling the friendlier sort. A one of a kind, collectible piece for the bold and beautiful. We’ve added vintage Indian stripes for an underskirt. Slim and trim - one column of fantasia. Will comfortably fit a size 00-0.

Made in India

Read more on our love for vintage one of a kind textiles.

Cotton, silk, mirrors

39" L


Gujarati Necklace: One Size

Just like they wear them in Bhuj, where Susan found this stunning piece some years ago. Clasps together in front. We’ve done our little jewelry tweaking on it to make it easy to wear and perfect. You’ll be the only one at the party with this much pizzaz.


Sari Shawl (worn as veil)

A beautiful tangerine and cherry cotton with gold metallic, this shawl we made from a vintage sari. Love the sunset.