Rajasthan Skirt with Mola Bustier Top and Beaded Wrist Wraps

Rajasthani Skirt: One Size

Fabulous Rajasthan with its endless color and exuberance is all visible in this vintage skirt. We’ve added to the back to create a fun billow, and added hand-made pompoms from peru to bounce down the backside. Tucked in at the bottom for extra pouf, and tule makes even more bounce! Contagious fun all the way around. Will comfortably fit a size 2-4.

Read more to find out about our great love for vintage one of a kind textiles.

Mola Bustier: XSmall

Two vintage molas from the San Blas islands of Panama came together in this piece. One amazing nothing-like-it bustier. Birds round and circle the chest in the most artful way. A butterfly spreads across the back. Hand-applique from another era. This is a precious piece. Collectible.

Beaded wrist wraps: One Size

White and colorful beads surround the wrist and dangle in fun beaded tassels. Just like they do in India. Vintage, real-deal bracelets. We didn’t have to do a thing. They were already perfect.



Rajasthan Skirt:

Waist: 24"

Length: 32"

Tassels: 36"



Circumference: 9 1/4"

Diameter: 2 1/2"

Tassel: 4 1/2"