The Aya Tunic

A fresh new take on our embroidered Moroccan tunics!  Nawal, our expert embroiderer from Marrakech, has sourced divine white and blue ticking from Paris for the body of this elegant tailored tunic.  She's the real deal, looping and knotting each exquisite detail by hand instead of using the pre-made trim common nowadays.  Style it with a simple white pant, or leave the door open to more color possibilities!  However you wear it, we are pleased to bring you this crisp, glowing beauty, also available as a full-length caftan.

Made in Morocco

Cotton, silk

32" L x 19" W, Sleeve 21.5"

32" L x 20.25" W, Sleeve 22.25"

32" L x 20.5" W, Sleeve 22.5"

32" L x 21" W, Sleeve 23"