The Hassana Caftan


We've sought out the skills of talented artisans in Nigeria, the Queen Amina Embroiderers, to render the traditional stitchery of the Hausa people onto crisp cotton caftans for the Ali collection.  Usually reserved for voluminous men's robes, the embroidery is expansive, eye-catching and bursting with personality-- and translates beautifully onto these flowing, supremely elegant dresses.  It is named the Hassana Caftan in honor of the leader of our new embroidering friends who have created these custom for ibu.  With a front pocket and slits up the sides, and one daring plunge of a neckline.

Made in Nigeria

100% cotton

L: 49 1/2", W: 19", S: 13"

L: 53", W: 24", S: 15"

Pocket: D: 8", W: 8 1/2"
Neckline Drop: 11"